Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Class #2

Today, we're all suppose to reflect on the country and its independence, and the millions of freedoms we take for granted every day as Americans. Today I relished in my own independence and the amazing feeling of freedom I have achieved by cutting ties to so many heavy weights in my past. Yoga is, in the end, my salvation. So I got right to it at 6am this morning when the alarm went off and I got dressed to teach my second class this week. 

The weather was a mess. Humidity was super high. Thunderstorms had just rolled in and out. It was the steamy calm after the storm, so to speak. And I had really been up since 4:20am, let's be honest. My trusty mate, Keren Hart (Kez, have you actually taken his name?) rallied on her day off to be in my second class. I was so incredibly touched by Keren's enthusiasm, patience and loyalty. And most importantly, her feedback after class on what she wanted to see differently in a Yoga class. 

For starters, never inject the word "please" into the dialogue, except where it belongs. Bikram is not a "polite" form of yoga. This is why we all love it though, because it rocks us to our core. Since I've got the authoritative, bitchy, gangster part down, taking out my "pleases" should be doable. Check.

Keren loves hearing all the medical benefits that yoga gives to the body. Hearing that while in the postures reminds us why we're killing ourselves to do it right, in the heat. So, as the opportunity presents itself for me to learn more additional dialogue (which I love reading btw.), I will inject it into my monologue.

Timing was picture perfect 90 minutes. I got the flow down. Love my old school Timex wristwatch that I bought in Kmart an hour before class. It's really helpful to have a digital watch that shows the seconds numerically. 

Humidity and temperature were East Coast ideal. I finally got re-acclimated to consistently heated classes that challenge me so much more on a cardiovascular level. And of course, Keren and I had boat loads of coffee, before (during if we could have), and after. I saw familiar faces from my NYC studio. It's been wonderful to reconnect and see people's reactions to my return from training. Some days, like today, that positivity from the students is all that keeps me sane.

See you Monday at 9:45am.

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