Friday, August 3, 2012

At The Carwash, Yeah! - Class 12

As you may or may not remember from my April post, I am a serious car person. I love driving, maintaining and just being in nice cars in general. With this infatuation comes an addiction to detailing my BMW on a weekly basis. I'm sorry LA, but the Hamptons might just have you beat in terms of the level of care taken for all the exotic cars roaming the streets out East. 

When I arrived in Southampton a month ago, I went straight to Southampton Car Wash. It was nice and loose, comfortable, easy, flexible. My car had taken a beating, after being on a truck to and from California. It had been vandalized before I left LA, and I'm sure a million other things I don't even know about. What the owner of Southampton Car Wash pointed out to me, as the car was pulling out of blow dry heaven, was that my front hood had shallow scratches, a little acid damage from the garage in the City and a slew of other details that they could easily correct with a more intensive service. He showed me what a little wax could do for maintaining the exterior cleanliness and I was hooked! It was like crack.

Please note, I have yet to make a single analogy about cars, fuel or gas stations in any of my yoga classes. Bikram would be so disappointed...

Flash forward, I have the uber-expensive detailing job, and let's just say it was worth it for so many reasons. The most important being the relationship I formed with the owner and his son this week. I have to say, the Southampton Car Wash team is the friendliest, nicest group of people. It's a family run business and the cars are taken care of with love. Since I'm there almost once a week, it's impossible not to get to know everyone. When the boys found out that I'm a yoga teacher, all ears went up and tails were wagging.

The three most consistent comments I get from men who have never done Yoga is: 
1) "I'm so inflexible"
2) "I can't even touch my toes"
3) "I need to stretch more"

All I can say is this, with so much stiffness and inflexibility comes a lot of room to improve; a lot of growth potential. This is how I explained it to Jacob tonight in class. He is the son of the car wash owner and a football player. At age 18, he has suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and has already had a concussion and a bunch of muscle issues that usually plague those in their late 20's / early 30's. I was amazed by his will to succeed in tonight's class. With sugar and insulin injections by his side, Jacob gave it all he had. He did every single pose and listened to direction, which is usually the hardest thing to do in class. The beautiful thing about him attending tonight, aside from his company as I closed up the studio, is that his father really pushed him to do it. His dad asked me a million and one questions before letting Jacob come to the studio. The love this father has for his son is so transparent and pure. It made me miss my dad and a relationship that I would never get to have with him.

Jacob is one of five siblings. I can't imagine spreading my love amongst five children, but tonight's class showed me that it is quite possible. I hope to see the rest of the family back in class with Jacob soon. Oh and apparently the next car wash is on them - yay!

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