Thursday, August 9, 2012

Waiting to Exhale - Classes 16 & 17

Sometimes a Guru can come in other forms than a Yogi. For me, I have Emmy Cleaves & Veronica Timiras. "V," as I like to call Veronica, has been able to look inside my soul with a magnifying lens. She has safely gone where no other therapist, life coach, healer, clairvoyant, acupuncturist, etc. has gone inside my body. She has healed me on many levels, from the inside out, bones to the skin, coccyx to the forehead, coccyx to the toes! I have not seen her in many months; it felt like an eternity, until today. 

I confess that I am not in the best of spirits this week. Even with all my recent successes and accomplishments and the luxury of not having a full time job for the summer, there are times I feel empty and lonely. I have holes in my heart that used to be filled with people who are no longer around. People who have moved on and people I have moved on from. I miss them all dearly, but I know that something bigger and better is coming to fill their places...lately, that's the only thought that gets me through the day.

That, and a much needed glass of wine at Wolford Estates out East. I took my mother on her first ever wine tasting adventure this week. She loved it and we invested in some wonderful bottles. Speaking of drinking, I am officially off the bottle after a bender this week. When I stopped to think about it today, I had alcohol every day since Saturday and it's ummmm Thursday? Not ok. Veronica tapped into my Liver today during our acupuncture session and it was ridiculously painful. I cried, my digestive system screamed and even my sweet tooth gland was throbbing. NO MORE BOOZE for a bit. I will survive. I always do.

Some positive news, my teaching is on the upswing; always a work in progress and constant improvement. I started cracking my journal from training and re-reading old posts from this blog for some new inspiration. It helps. It matters. What I learned can easily be forgotten if not studied and maintained. Maintenance, Emmy says, is the hardest thing to keep up with after training, so why stop? Especially when you have the pleasure of practicing next to Billy Baldwin, mat next to mat. He's definitely a fighter on the mat and has a lot of room to grow in his flexibility, which is always inspiring to see as a teacher. If everyone walked into the room already flexible like a Gumby, I would be out of a job! 

Baldwin came back to take my class Wednesday evening with a first-timer friend of his. Both of them were lovely and humble in their practices. I definitely didn't pay him any special attention as his teacher. You can't play favorites in Bikram because the ones you neglect somehow end up being the ones who need you and you need the most. I'm not messing with those odds ever.

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