Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The New Regime - Class 20

I have jumped ship, but have yet to set sail.......yesterday marked a new beginning for me. I taught my first yoga class at Bikram Yoga Union Square. It was a fascinating, painful, productive and ego-removing 105 minute class. Why the extra time for someone who's always on point with her timing?

Otto stopped me no less than 15 times over the course of my class to make corrections to my dialogue in front of the students. I enjoyed his candor and took pride in his feedback. While most people would feel intimidated in a situation so intense, I just went with it and embraced a new studio owner that was actually interested in seeing me blossom and become a better teacher. A studio owner who likes me for my "star-power." Yes, he used the phrase, and I'll take it!!

Otto is a business man, plain and simple, with an affinity for Bikram. God bless him! He calls it like he see's it and you always know where you stand with him. Unfortunately he requires more time than I have to give right now as I embrace my new job and career beginning September 4th.

It's definitely not the end of my time at Bikram Yoga Union Square. I will work with Otto in any capacity he will accept me, even if just a practitioner.

I would personally like to thank Idan for making it this particular class and sticking it out with me. Your support and undying love for what I do makes everything lighter and brighter.

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