Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Way You Do Anything Determines How You Do Everything - Class 19

This afternoon's class marked the end of my teaching at Hamptons Hot Yoga. I write this blog with heavy fingers and an even heavier heart. I will miss my students there very much but will still see them as a practitioner. Today's stormy weather matched perfectly with the mood tonight in class. It was by far one of my weakest classes, personally. My nerves and emotions got the better of me, my peace was stolen and still the rain continues to fall outside the house and inside of me.

Driving home, I realized I would no longer have to take the back roads at warp speed to arrive to teach on time. I will miss the sunrise/sunset hours, gazing at the farms and endless sunflower patches. In these last weeks of summer, I can go slowly, slowly. I can look around and smell the wild flowers a bit more than I have been. I'm looking for the lesson in all of this and hope the universe will show up on my doorstep to teach me, sooner rather than later.

I anxiously await an audition for my NYC teaching job. Until then, it's cocktails and dreams all around. More time for the beach and entertaining. More time for me.

PS - I am still proud of the confidence I exuded in tonight's class, despite my perfectionist ego. My head was held high from start to finish; the same way I carry myself through life.

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