Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hardest Part...

...Of Week 9 is staying present. How can you with the thought of returning home looming? To make matters worse, our heating system is busted, again. We are forced to practice in icy cold conditions, which translates to barely breaking a sweat these days. I have fantasies about practicing at the other local studios to get my heat on, but I cannot abandon the ship. We have started together, all 411 of us that remain, and we will finish together on Saturday, guns blazing, certificates in hand, with our smiling happy faces.

Tonight's class will be filmed and used (if good) for at-home practice. Bikram has apparently tried multiple times to get this DVD made for public sale, but none of the previous footage has made the cut. I'm trying to be motivated and positive, but I am cold and tired from the 3 hours of sleep I got last night (not counting the 2 hours of sleep on the floor during last night's movie, which I can't even tell you the name of).

My problematic neck has turned it's pain switch on again, partially due to lack of heat during practice and sleeping on the floor. And partially due to subconscious stress and nervousness revolving around the end of my training. Bikram's lectures are long, specific and non-specific all at the same time. He contradicts a lot of what we learned to be correct at our home studios. 

It's time to go down to the 5 o'clock Bollywood meets Hollywood yoga class. I wonder if Boss will ask us what he can do with "dead, cold pussy" tonight? He better!!

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