Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Today marks the 12th day before I go back to my real-world life, but it's not like I'm counting or anything...just as I was telling Ish how excited I am to return home, Bikram decides to throw on the above movie, Krrish2006 Bollywood science fiction superhero film directed, produced, and written by Rakesh RoshanKrrish received mixed reviews from critics in India, but was widely appreciated by audiences, who gave it a record opening week at the box office. The film became the second highest earning Indian film of 2006 and grossed a worldwide total of $23.34 million. It was given a "blockbuster" rating by Box Office India. The film won both the National and Filmfare awards for special effects, while actor Hrithik Roshan (the sexiest Indian actor I've ever seen) received praise and numerous best actor awards for his role. 

Why was this Bollywood Night different from all other nights? For the first time, I ended a movie with Bikram wide awake at 2am. I have so much energy and no neck pain! This is major....

While the storyline of the movie is somewhat "out there" and unrealistic, the underlying message is strong and struck a beautiful cord within me. The hero and main character - Krrish - possesses super-human powers that are comparable to a modern day Batman or Superman. The viewer doesn't know right away how he got these powers, but all is revealed in a very action-packed, sequential way that kept me glued for 3 hours. Krrish is good to the core and doesn't want the real world to know of his capabilities for a myriad of reasons. Mainly because he made a promise to his grandmother not to reveal himself once he leaves his home in the secluded mountains of India for Singapore to marry his dream girl.

Krrish is the simplest and humblest of superheroes I've ever encountered. In an odd way, he reminded me of why I was here and what I've been working towards for the past 8 weeks. Sometimes the past  IS worth holding onto and the future is NOT worth seeing. To be human is divine, especially when you possess a power within you that no one else has. As Bikram likes to say, "born baby, die baby. We have no idea the strengths that we have as individuals." This point may not resonate or mean anything to you, but I'm starting to see his meaning, as I near the end of my journey here.

Don't get me wrong, I have my share of disappointments in Bikram as a person and this "process," but in the end I am true to me and the ones I love and Bikram is definitely still one of those people. My goal is to channel the newfound energy I have discovered at Training into helping others find their own strength and super-human capabilities. Not all of us can swing from skyscrapers and rid the planet of evil, but we all have the power to start small and start cleaning up ourselves. With purity comes perseverance and determination. Who will you save today? How will you make this world a better place? If you start within yourself, you're already halfway home.

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