Thursday, June 14, 2012

There Are Places I Remember

The things I will miss the most about LA/Training:
- Doing yoga twice a day with 400+ like-minded people
- Bikram's "colorful" commentary in class
- The Counter
- Manhattan Beach weekends
- Getting my ass kicked by Emmy every Thursday
- Michon's DJ'ing skills
- Spending an hour by the pool daily
- Observing Balwan
- Group 11 comrades
- Visits with Motie
- Exploring new yoga studios in the area
- Belly laughs & good coffee with Rachael F
- Adventures with Ish

The things I will miss the least about LA/Training:
- Lecture room chairs
- Lining up daily/nightly to grab said chairs
- Inconsistently cold yoga
- Annoying questions & negative people
- Posture clinic floors & injuries
- Water belly
- Bed Bug paranoia
- Listening to people complain about their roommates
- The 3rd Floor Ice Machine!
- Michon's wandering eye
- Sugar/caffeine pushers
- Carrying a 64oz water bottle everywhere I go

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