Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Am The Cause, I Am The Cure

Today's lecture was given by Dilip Sarkar, MD, FACS, CAD. He is a retired professor of surgery and a very good speaker, who spoke candidly and eloquently about Bikram Yoga for Cardiac Wellness and Yoga Therapy, among other topics. 

Yoga is a practice towards your own self-realization. You've probably heard that before, if not in this blog. More simply put, if your body is the hardware, then your mind is the software and your spirit is the programmer. The body-mind-spirit union is what makes us "whole." As Dr. Sarkar said, it's funny that we've dropped the "w" off of "holistic" for this very reason.

Sarkar's stance on health is you need to consider the overall wellness of a person vs. honing in on a specific illness or disease, to properly treat them with yoga. With 20 million people now practicing yoga on a regular basis, more and more studies are being done globally on the positive effects of yoga as it relates to health. The results of this research have morphed into "integrative medicine," which is the new school (and the only school) that I will be following after Training.

If you are overweight and thinking, I am too fat to do these poses....think again! Body size has been proven to have no bearing on the effectiveness of yoga. While conventional medicine defines being healthy as the absence of disease, Yoga Therapy would define disease ("dis-ease") as the absence of vibrant health. 

The flexibility of your spine, ultimately dictates health and age in a person. Yoga Therapy is a strong, but slow medicine, that doesn't include a standard protocol the way western medicine does. Therapy via yoga is individualized for each person, based on their needs. I also learned today that having a genetic predisposition to a certain disease (heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, etc) is no longer an excuse either. Yoga causes "genetic suppression" of every type of disease known to man (Google, epigenetics to learn more about this topic). This means, just because your mom had "it," you are not necessarily destined to get it if you practice yoga regularly.

Ok, enough of the cerebral dump.....the studio is back in effect at the Radisson. I took a VERY COOL class tonight at 7:30pm, but I was happy to be back where I belong and back in some semblance of our usual routine. Here at Training, without the routine, I become dark and down on being here. I have taken for granted the mental and physical conditioning that takes place every day, twice a day. Not any more. Dr. Sarkar told us today that Yoga is the most addictive substance on the market these days, and after an abnormal Week 7 without consistent yoga, I couldn't agree more with him.

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