Thursday, June 7, 2012

Osteoporosis & Bikram

Through scientific methods and research, a lot of the major benefits of Bikram have already been proven. Because my grandmother suffered badly, at the end of her life, as do 28 million people (in 2011), from Osteoporosis, I think it's important that everyone know the facts. 

There are 2 Types of Osteoporosis - Primary & Secondary
Primary has no underlying cause and develops from an excessively sedentary lifestyle, which causes age-related bone loss. 
Secondary has an actual cause. Some of those causes include: steroids, alcoholism, anorexia, cigarette smoking, diabetes and kidney failure; just to name a few.

Here is a brief summary of the highlights:

  • 80% of all Osteoporosis cases effect women.
  • There are no signs/symptoms of pain. Only when you break a bone do you realize you have it.
  • We spend $15 billion annually to treat Osteoporosis.
  • Your body steals calcium from your own bones when you are not getting it in your diet.
  • Post-menopausal women can lose 3% of their bone mass annually.
  • Women 60+ years old should go for a bone scan (DXA scan) regularly.
  • Working against gravity increases bone density, which is why walking, running and other high impact exercise has always been known to work well as a preventative treatment.
  • Yoga is the only low-impact exercise that increases bone mass.
  • If you're already post-menopausal and you start yoga now, you won't lose as much bone.
  • Bikram Yoga can reverse Osteoporosis.
  • You do not need dairy in your diet to get enough calcium, so remember to eat your green leafy vegetables and other calcium fortified foods.
  • If you are taking calcium supplements, don't take more than 500mg at a time. 1,000mg per day is ideal (if you're not getting it already in your diet).

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