Monday, June 18, 2012

The Journey Home

Yesterday I returned to my former life in a different body, with a different mind and a different spirit. The major difference is that now all three things feel aligned, one piece, like a lamppost - unbroken! 

NYC is always so magical to return to after long periods of time. It always feels like home. It is always exciting. I studied the dialogue most of the plane ride home and was tremendously productive in Business Class (thank God!) In between snoozes and Star magazine, I refined the standing series without being too disruptive to the guy next to me.

As we neared the end of the flight, I decided to pull up the shade for a peek to see where we were. I happened to look out just as the plane was flying over NYC from the West Side/NJ. I was never so happy to see Her.

When I finally got to Toe Stand, I was hung up on the last line, just before Savasana. "Change. Come up exactly the opposite way you went down."

Exactly the opposite...isn't that my life now? It's so different from where I was, even just one year ago; so much better. The journey into LAX and the inner workings of Bikram Choudhry - the magician, the salesman, the madman, the genius, the comedian, the therapist, the Jewish American Prince and the list goes on - was very similar to the journey out. 

Leaving LA on Sunday morning, I had the same bittersweet emotions as when I left NY back in April. The feelings are all the same; its all relative. Some moments, I feel like I got sideswiped by Hurricane Bikram. I am exhausted emotionally but have tons of energy physically, which I guess is a good result. 

This morning marked my return to Bikram Yoga NYC. Solange taught the 8am - she killed us, as usual. She and I spoke at length about my Teacher Training experience. She totally cared about my development. I could not get out of the locker room with all the questions being thrown at me from anyone who knew I just returned from Training. It felt like home.

My goal is to continue blogging on all subjects yoga/health related to keep all you Yoga Girls informed. Stay tuned for NY Yoga Girl!

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