Monday, June 11, 2012

You Can't Afford to Be One Hair Off

Apologies for my lag in writing.  Going into the 9th week brings a slew of new emotions to the surface. This is the home-stretch. Saying goodbye will be hard, but saying hello to a new future is the most exciting aspect of reaching graduation. That, and seeing my mom and Group 11 cheer me on.

Bikram is lecturing all week about each of the 26 postures and how to really break them down when you're teaching. I will just say this...there's a lot of incorrect guidance out there, which is one of the benefits of practicing at a true (licensed) Bikram Yoga studio. You are guaranteed the real experience for your body.

As Bikram said, "you can't afford to be one hair off in the beginning of your life...Liar is liar. Thief is thief. Everyone should have a Guru (someone that is not your parents) when they are young. A Guru is a "life expert." The first step of life is self-realization."

There will be much more to follow on the poses as we go forward into the week. 

We said goodbye to our beloved, Felix, this morning. His wife's water broke, so he flew home to Montreal to welcome Daniela into this world. 

Felix - I am so happy for you guys! We will all miss your happy, smiling, sign-in face every day. Please post pictures asap!!

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