Saturday, April 14, 2012

By this time tomorrow I will be in orientation, finding out what my existence for the next 9 weeks will entail.  I have all but finished (over) packing and staring at the four walls of my apartment.  It's a gorgeous spring weekend in NYC.  The city is buzzing with energy, smells and people running to outdoor places I will miss.

My tenure with SL Green is behind me.  I will never look back, but always be grateful for the opportunities the firm gave me.  If it wasn't for the past 11.5 years, I could not be taking this huge step forward.

My mother, Elizabeth, is frolicking around Rome for the first time.  She is happy and in her own personal heaven, which makes me happy too.

As I look back on all that I've accomplished in order to move forward, I feel gratitude for the friends and family that supported me along the way, and excitement for the friends I've yet to meet who will continue to expand my horizons.

To quote one of my favorite Bikram NYC yoga teachers, Terra M,
"everything builds on the last thing to open you up."  She also told me,
"nothing changes if nothing changes."
I took Terra's 8am class this morning.  It was my last practice at my home base studio and so amazing to have come full circle after focusing on her (and her mother's) mantras for a couple of years.

Okay, time to focus on the Bikram dialogue.  I know half moon and awkward.  Trying to learn Eagle before I hit the ground in LA.  After receiving very helpful advice from a former Trainee this morning, I have chosen not to stress myself out and learn the entire dialogue before arriving.  I was told most people who do that have to relearn a lot of elements of the dialogue, and isn't that the whole point anyway, to learn with your peers and teachers and of course, Boss man!!

Looking forward to my last nyc pizza dinner - VEZZO!!  Sitting outside with great company, sipping wine on this kind of evening is what it's all about here.

Will I be off the bottle for 9 weeks?  Not sure yet....

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