Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Car Sitch

I need to pay proper respect to Justin Moritt for insisting I ship my car out to LA. He told me I would feel isolated without it and if you look at my schedule from yesterday, I think it says it all:

8am: YOGA
11am: coffee/errands
12:30pm: mani/pedi/study dialogue 
2pm: lunch with Motie in Marina del Ray (a new favorite spot of mine)
4pm: get car detailed/more errands
6:30pm: drive to Pacific Palisades in time to catch the sunset
8pm-12am: dinner party in paradise with friends (non-yogi's)

Fog below the sunset from overlook
Justin Moritt living the good life
Justin was a client of mine 7 years go when I ran the eemerge business for SL Green. He was a class act then and now. I'm so grateful for our friendship and happy for his new family, who was so welcoming to me yesterday. Justin married Amy five years ago and these are some of the pictures I took from her family's Italian inspired "compound." I didn't want to get too camera crazy with them on my first visit, but let me just say this, the pool over-looking eternity is one of the least impressive parts of their home, wow-wow-wow, and you know it takes a lot to impress me.... 

The Pool. I mean, seriously?
Every detail of this palace was imported from Italy, lots of stone from Umbria and glass from Venice - the absolute best of the best. No expense was spared and the design is flawless. Sound familiar? This home was on par with Bikram, down to the last perfectly landscaped flower. Amy's parents didn't skip a beat and took such pride in what they've created. They also have love and a solid 40-year marriage, which is so rare these days. They have created the most perfectly unique space for their family and friends. Like with anything else, if you look very closely, I'm sure there are some cracks, but positive energy prevails in this home and I'm happy to see Justin so at peace and in good health after struggling with previously negative relationships and a life-threatening heart condition. His wife loves yoga and gave me some great ideas for my own studio. She also spent 20 minutes in the car with me helping me sort out my German built, GPS.

Cali sunset
I only got lost twice yesterday, and in the end, the best navigation system is the map in my iPhone. Go figure. I would never realize this back home because I don't drive enough in new places. All I could think of as I was pulling out of my hotel several times yesterday, watching the rest of my yogi's get carted off in the shuttle service, was thank GOD I brought my car! Yes, it's a bit extravagant, but I would be paying the lease anyway. Yes, I'm suppose to stay local and not go places alone, according to Bikram. He clearly didn't get the memo on me yet, but he will. It's good to disconnect from the yoga bubble, even if only for 36-hours. My only regret now is not opting for the hard top convertible, but I will stop there and just say:        


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