Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Karma Yoga

With the ding of the microwave bell, signaling Bikram's hot water with lemon and ginger is ready, so started another day of lecture. I find the red San Diego mug that he religiously drinks out of a trip.  Of all the places in the world he's been, why a San Diego mug? Why red? I'm questioning the purpose of everything out here. If I had to guess, Bikram likes things consistent. That we know for sure.

55 more people delivered Half Moon pose yesterday.  Ish will deliver it today and it's honestly the most exciting I have to report!

Yesterday's evening lecture felt like a religion class, more than anything else. Whether I was in the mood for it or not, that's another story. But after all, I do list "yoga" as one of my religions on my Facebook profile, so I'm giving Bikram the benefit of the doubt and I ask that you do as well. We talked a lot about Karma Yoga, which Bikram describes as the first kind of yoga. The main reason humans came to the Earth as humans was to do our Karma Yoga. Nature created us to do this and we, as yogis are God's most powerful creation.

To prove his point, Bikram put on this movie: Mahabharat, Vol. 1 
The story is one of two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. The above links give you a lot of color and detail on the story.

What does it all mean? Well, since the movie ran until after 2am, I will need to round back to you after morning lecture/recap. I slept through a lot of it, but Bikram is great at getting to and making his point several times. Repetition, repetition!!

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