Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking It To The Next Level

And so day 63 began at 5am EST and still rambles on at 9pm PST.  I am happy to report that my travels were smooth and my fellow yogis are wonderful.  There are 424 of us and each of us has 424 different reasons for being here, yet we all share a common goal in needing to learn more about ourselves, by taking our practice to the next level and getting situated in the "starting line" of life.   We are all starting together on equal ground.  It is truly a profound moment in my life worthy of a pause and a sigh....ahhhhh.

I heard the background on Bikram today from the people who know him best and have been practicing with him since the early 70's.  I was moved by their candor and learned the following in our 2-hour orientation:

- The practice of Bikram is comparable to the process of life...when it stops, you're done!

- Yoga is not just what you're going to be learning, but how you learn defines you as an individual.  How you share your findings has an even more profound impact on the world around you.

- The reason there are mirrors in Bikram studios is so you can study yourself and see everything.  Bikram himself is like a mirror to our souls.  He will hone in on our weaknesses only to crack us and rebuild us, stronger (nice & tight contraction, nothing loose, nothing hanging!)

I have decided today that I am personally here to learn how to love myself and those around me.  There is no reward or silver lining at the end of all of this.  It's going to be hard, I will likely cry on multiple occasions and have major melt downs along the way, but I know in my heart the "juice will be worth the squeeze."  The reward will find me....

My goal over the next 62 days is to simplify my life, suspend all resistance and listen.  The hardest thing to do in Bikram yoga is actually listen.  I will learn how to create the optimum Bikram yoga environment for my students and make the process/practice my own. Technique is key!

On a personal, superficial note, I ran into a fellow yogi from my home base studio unexpectedly today. It was a wonderful surprise to see a familiar face and have a partner in crime to canvas Sepulveda Blvd. with.  Join forces and make alliances where ever and how ever.  There is strength in numbers during Training.  That has been made very clear to me.

Looking forward to spending all day tomorrow with Boss Man and taking my first class with him.  Cannot wait to have my proverbial world rocked!!

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