Friday, April 20, 2012

Hot & Cold

Today marked the end of Week 1, not including tomorrow's 8am class. Another 50 students performed Half Moon for Bikram successfully. I am still amazed to see how different we all are; over 40 countries are represented at Teacher Training this season. On occasion, Bikram will make foreigners recite the pose in their native tongue so we can really hear their true volume and personality. Some people have cried on stage, laughed at themselves, froze up and everything in between. A teacher friend of mine told me that the less Bikram actually says to you after you deliver the pose, the better off you are...keep a low profile!

Thank you Melissa P!!  And thank you for keeping the room so G. Damn hot in NYC - I am finding myself over-prepared for the lukewarm room temperature in the ballroom. Everyday I fantasize about adding a long sleeve shirt over my top to keep my sweat going, but I am scared that people will think I'm nuts...

Speaking of nuts, the hotel staff definitely thinks I'm a basket case. They still haven't figured out the water problem in my shower. Today was scalding hot only, who knows what tomorrow will bring. It all feels like part of Bikram's grand plan at training - to keep me and everyone else on our toes as much as possible (and I'm not talking about Awkward pose). I was offered a different room today, but the truth is, I love my room and my neighbors and my proximity to classes. I will not give up on the positive energy I worked so hard to create in my space! And come on, what can top this view of the Emerald City?
View from my room
Same view different perspective
Sometimes it all boils down to changing your perspective.  Sometimes the lights are green, and sometimes they are red, white and blue. Sometimes the water is unbearably hot and sometimes it's bone chilling cold. When you least expect it, friends can change and show true colors. 

In the end, we are all "Boss." It's our choice to see things and situations one way or another. Like my Italian dinner was average food, but to me it tasted like the best 5-star restaurant because of the good company and the change of scenery. And not to mention the menu cover: 

Italian chefs doing 2nd part of Awkward pose

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