Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
Last night we were shown another Bollywood family drama (see left), which translates to "In times of happiness, in times of sadness.." The title alone says a lot and resonates with my constantly in-flux feelings during teacher training.

This 3.5 hour movie (yes it was another 2am night for me) forces you to reflect on your parents and your up-bringing and why you are where you are today. The lesson, in the end, is that parents and children make choices for themselves that have lasting impacts, some good, some not so good. In keeping the faith through the good times and the bad, you will     
    always find God. Without faith, God will 
ultimately leave you, according to Bikram.

Speaking of families, my mother returned from Italy yesterday. She had an amazing time, irrespective of the inclement weather and minor travel drama on the way home. I admire her perpetually positive attitude. She raised me to see the glass half full and I am so grateful for that. You see a lot of negative crap at teacher training. People's attitudes can be horrific at times, so I embrace this shield she bestowed upon me.

To give you a sense of my mother's selflessness, she dropped everything she needed to do for herself today, her first day home after a two week vacation, and ran to the city to see my watch get auctioned off (SUCCESSFULLY!) and collect my mail and other belongings that I need sent out west. I told her not to go, that it would be ok if she waited until the weekend. She went any way...that is the true love that only a mother can give. Thank you #1 Peep on the Planet!!! I love you so....

In the end, my faith in Bikram and his practice has brought me to the most positive day thus far in teacher training. Unexpected calls are coming out of the woodwork, financial situations are gelling for the positive and things I thought I needed to sweat, I don't (well, except in the hot room of course, and that's enough believe me!) I have been alcohol free for 10 days and I feel amazing. Got the eating thing down to a science. Do not forget your daily green juice people! It's a total game changer.

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