Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Day at the Beach

Since it's the weekend and I'm in an amazing mood, I'm going to press pause on Bikram's history to let you into my personal life a bit. Today was a glorious California Saturday with endless blue sky and breezes. After a wonderful morning class, marking the official end of week #2, I can officially say I feel accomplished in ways I had never dreamed of. I have taken a total of 21 Bikram classes since April 16th and stayed in the room for every single one of them (Ish did too!). I have made 5 really great friends and have become familiar enough with the 400 other trainees, who all greet me by name, with their smiling happy faces daily. I have attended 18 lectures and have watched more Bollywood movies in the past two weeks than I have in my entire life. I can recite half moon, awkward, eagle and standing head to knee poses (almost) verbatim. My energy is endless....Life is Good!

Candice & I doing Awkward, Maura delivering 
Candice working her backbend with Ish's help
Today I practiced my dialogue delivery at Manhattan beach with my new friends - I never had so much to do on the beach, yet somehow it was incredibly relaxing.

Heading to Hollywood tonight, for a much needed break from Bollywood. I plan on having my first alcoholic beverage in two weeks. I know, I know....I thought I could stay off the bottle for the entire 9 weeks, but everything in moderation is okay. There are people at Teacher Training that are recovering alcoholics and Bikram Yoga is part of their cure. I admire their strength and courage to turn their lives around, but at the same time, I will appreciate this night so much more because of them and simply because I CAN!

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