Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cosmic Consciousness

Bikram started this evening's lecture (which mercifully ended at only 12:30am enabling me to write tonight) talking about the differences between Indian and American cultures. In my own words, the best way to sum it up would be the Blue Bloods vs. the Nouveau Riche. Indian culture is 5,000 years old while ours is only 200 give or take. Suffering is an accepted part of every day life in India, while Americans suffer for no reason and intentionally create problems, according to Boss Man. 

Bikram can see both sides of this proverbial coin, having grown up in India and settled his roots in Beverly Hills, hence he lives in a state of Cosmic Consciousness. He can see our spine, brain, heart, love, feelings and so forth, from the top down, which is why it's easy for him to solve our respective problems on an individualized basis. No matter what Bikram says or does, people like him. They do not question him. His role in all of this is to make us trainees see the Cosmic Mirror, so that our future students will be attracted to us, as we will be able to see the good in them and help them see it too, most importantly.

While we are all inherently good people, our brains are "totally fucked!" My mom told me not to curse so much in my blog as it is non-yogi/lady-like. She clearly hasn't spent any time with Bikram...

Total side bar here, but every other word out of Bikram's mouth is trash talk, completely candid and vulgar to make his point crystal clear. It kind of reminds me of the way we communicated in the Leasing department at SL Green, so I feel right at home here with all the trailer park lingo. There, I said it! 

Back to my cerebral monologue...News is not "news" if it's not bad these days, therefore the media is intent on making the news bad. Bikram HATES the media for this reason. The important thing to realize is there is a limit on bad, while there is no limit on all things good in this world. For example, good health, good love and good fortune - we cannot get enough of these positive things which are limitless in good. If you can pinpoint the root of the problem, you can solve it! Even chronic illness can be cured if you understand biochemistry; in other words, the mind/body relationship.

Biochemistry and it's imbalance in our bodies is what triggers the nervous system to create acids and involuntary reactions that ultimately destroy our systems. For example, why do we get angry? When we hear something we don't like, our nervous system can literally flip a switch or release a toxin that can shock our entire system. Does your neck hurt when your stressed? Do you get shingles when you're under extreme pressure? These are all symptomatic of our nervous system working against us when we are unhappy for any reason, even the smallest of annoyances. 

So what do we do about this? Always maintain happiness. It's that simple. Nothing in this world can upset you unless you let it. No one can steal your peace, unless you allow them. To practice yoga is to translate this simple message. I made the decision to come to Teacher Training to get to an elevated playing field in my mind, to take my life to a higher level of Cosmic Consciousness. While Bikram may be able to give me the master's key at the end of this 9-week roller coaster, it's up to me to actually use it. 

How will you guys use your keys today? Just remember this, you can't start the engine of a Ferrari with they key to a Toyota.

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