Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The 10th Row

For seven consecutive days, during morning and evening classes, I practiced at the back of the house, on the last Teacher Trainee row - Row 10. I chose this spot during the three Teacher Recertification classes, when there was an additional 126 bodies in the room practicing with Bikram. I opted for the leg room since you're guaranteed to have no one directly behind you on this row, which is always a good thing when there's 600 people doing hot yoga in the same space. I randomly got pushed back to 10 with my group assignments for the following two days after recertification.

Learning to become teachers has taught us how to come into any situation prepared. Being prepared can be as simple as speaking up when someone puts their mat in a place that will make you uncomfortable (and drive you absolutely bonkers) in your own practice.

Being prepared can also be for the obvious things, knowing your dialogue and knowing what's required of you as a teacher, student, mentor and friend. 

For the more spiritually inclined individuals, being prepared can simply mean recognizing you already have all of the tools inside of you that you will ever need.

So how did being prepared bring me to the 10th row? I know myself and more importantly, I know what I don't want. I used to get super annoyed when I couldn't see myself in the front mirror while practicing back home. If someone blocked my view at the last second before class started, I would freak. 

Now, I've come to appreciate the last row for all it's space and distance from the podium (when you want it). Yes, 95% of the time, you can't see yourself, but that tiny sliver of you that emerges, every now and then, gives you all the inspiration that you need and then some.

Find your 10th Row today. It's the spot you would least likely stand in, the person you are afraid to be, the task you can put off until tomorrow, the challenge looming in the distance, the safety net you swore you'd never cut ties with. Your 10th Row is a little piece of heaven once you get there. I guarantee it.

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