Sunday, May 27, 2012

Science & Technology are Killing Us

Did you know that a cell phone heats up to 7 degrees when pushed up against the head to talk? It's essentially like a microwave heating the brain, hence the up-tick in brain cancer. Our hyper-stimulation is the result of constantly being on alert for text messages emails and phone calls, making us a gossip-oriented culture. 

According to John Burras, communication between individuals is actually decreasing with all of the technology available, making basic conversation and live interactions, especially among the younger generations who are now given cell phones at age 10, harder and harder. If the average teenager sends around 3,500 text messages per month, (most of which say "hey dude" or "what's up?") is technology really working?

In the yoga room, there is no technology allowed for a reason. Primarily because it is the last sacred space in our daily lives. It's the one place we can focus on ourselves, uninterrupted for 90 minutes (at least). Even on the golf course, which is suppose to be a no-phone zone, I can remember my blackberry sitting gracefully on the golf cart's shelf.

The non-organic food supply in this country is losing all of its nutritional value. The added chemicals actually deplete all of the minerals that once sustained us. Not only that, the soil that food grows in is also effected by foreign pesticides, making it essential for us to buy everything organic if we want to make sure there is nutritional value in what we eat. 

The using headphones as often as possible or though the the blue tooth system in your car. Even having the phone in your lap is problematic because you don't want to heat your genitals for the same reason. 

Make smarter, non-processed choices for your diet and be sure to know where your fruits and veggies originate from. I know personally that's not always easy and time / money are factors, but it's critical to a healthy life. Out in California, I have rediscovered the wonders of Whole Foods. Almost everything sold there is organic and you can tell based on how much you spend. 

Consider growing food in your own garden. My mother is an avid gardener and I have tasted the difference between the food she grows and the crap sold in grocery stores. There is no comparison, so think twice before you break out the processed potato chips and grill those hotdogs, made from God knows what, on Memorial Day. For the first time, maybe ever, I will not be celebrating the Memorial Day holiday. It is not recognized in the Bikram Yoga bubble. We are on India time here, so the rest of Burras' teachings will follow tomorrow as usual. 

Good night and God speed.

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