Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Raj & Bikram

This morning's class was lead by Raj (Bikram's wife) who made her first. long awaited appearance on the podium. She was calm, cool and classy. Basically, the exact opposite of Bikram. I worked hard for her; we all did.

I performed Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee pose as the clock was striking 4pm. It was awesome to be the last one to go and get it done so I can move on to Tree. I have not been able to look at dialogue since 4pm. I just needed to shut my brain down for a few. 

Thankfully, my newbie, Motie, retuned this evening for his 2nd class in a week. He continues to amaze us as he faces new challenges with patience and precision. I'm glad he didn't have Bikram teaching tonight. That is a big pill for any beginner to swallow. We did have Bikram's niece teaching. She was pretty zen.

Before I started nodding off in evening lecture with Bikram, who just returned from his latest speaking junket raring to go, I jotted down a few key points that were not a reiteration of what he's already told us. Bikram loves to hear himself speak. He actually fell off the stage tonight, while demonstrating how he would look if his leg had actually been amputated. If I wasn't so exhausted, I would have laughed a lot harder at that...

Bikram's Top 5

Men Never Change [Man = Dog + Pig + Goat)

You Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Find the Best in You

Mental Stress & Strain = pain in the body

Half a billion scripts of Prozac are prescribed every 24 hours 

Most people call to one form of God or another to prove their spiritualism through practicing religion. For this reason, Bikram has never worshiped or prayed to any God, or set foot in a temple.

ON that note, I"m signing off for sleep. Still no Tree, but will hit it first thing in the morning when I am at my strongest.

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