Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chitta-Vritti Nirodh

"Yoga is the neutralization of the waves of emotion we face."

I'll be honest, it's getting harder and harder to find these free minutes to write. Part of me wants to put up a post that says "BLOG CLOSED UNTIL AFTER TRIANGLE POSE." But I won't because I need you for inspiration just as much as you need me. In other words, a perfect marriage.

Today Lisa went over the 8th Fold Path with us, which breaks down yoga as a system of process. Back in the day, yoga postures were originally developed by Yogi's so they could open their bodies, allowing them more flexibility to sit for longer periods of time in meditation. 
And so the story goes...there are 8 "Limbs" of Yoga:
1) YAMA = restraints/dont's
  • non violence 
  • non lying
  • non stealing
  • non sensuality
  • non attachment

2) NIYAMA = Do's
  • Cleanliness/Purity
  • Contentment
  • Austerity/Endurance
  • Self Study / Introspection
  • Dedication

3) ASANA = Hatha Yoga; the physical exercises we associate with yoga, create a physical calmness so we can ultimately perform Karma Yoga.

4) PRANAYAMA = the breathing exercises that produce inner calm.

5) PRATYAHARA = non attachment thru stillness; withdrawing from senses, ending the chatter in your brain.

6) DHARANA = practice of fixed inner awareness; increases the value of your postures 100 times over when you incorporate Calm into your routine.

7) DHYANA = concentration; devotion to a higher power (i.e. God); same as "Law of Attraction"

8) SAMADHI = the dissolution of ego consciousness, which leads to bliss. When you're in a state of happiness, all daily movements become yoga.

To be continued.....
BTW, I delivered Balancing Stick on point today. The pace is killer right now, but we're all just riding the wave and seeking sanity where we can, mainly in ourselves. Thanks for sticking by me.

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