Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yoga vs. Traditional Sports

Today was by far, the toughest and longest day I've had in a while. Tricia, owner of the Lower East Side studio, was teaching one of the best classes this morning when along along came a feeling I haven't felt in months - water belly (i.e. yoga nausea). We were at Camel and I went totally "man-down." After trying for several postures to get over it, I left the room for the first time in 60 classes (the total amount I've practiced since arriving 6 weeks ago). I didn't want to go, but I had to throw up everything that didn't belong in my body. As I ran towards the door, I realized I might not make it and I basically didn't. But thank God for the mini-trash can that looks so out of place by the big, ominous entry doors. I always wondered why they had that there, and now I know.

I was followed out of the room by one of "Bikram's Helpers," Kiera. She kept her distance and let me die in peace on the hotel carpet, but I knew she was there...just in case. I did make it back in to finish the class with all that remained of my dignity. Throughout the day, everyone in fabulous GROUP 11, asked me how I was feeling. All 400+ people saw me run out today and every single one of them cared. This is in essence why I love the yoga so much.

As for Bikram's class later that night, he couldn't break my stride with his usual antics. I had already been shattered earlier, so class #2 felt like a huge improvement. I even powered through his lecture and another ridiculous Bollywood movie that I didn't bother to jot down the name of because let's be honest people, I will never watch it again!

It's 3am here and I want to leave you with a little piece of Bikram's lecture to consider. This is his opinion based on his life experiences. The examples of athletes spanning from Kareem Abdul Jabbar to John Mcenroe, that Bikram has healed is astounding. He mainly gets called upon by world famous athletes who want to play a few more years beyond their "expiration dates" or they want one last opinion before they go under the knife. 

Please don't shoot the messenger if you disagree with the below:

  • 93% of sports destroy our bodies because we push ourselves against nature.
  • Sports, and everything you associate with watching and participating in them, is a business. More specifically, it's "Temporary Cheap Entertainment" that ultimately takes a lot of your money.
  • Sports remove you from time that should be spent taking care of family and loved ones.
  • Sports are good for kids because it's teaches them discipline, but that's it.
So how does Bikram Yoga offset the negative effects of exercise? Each posture feeds only one organ at a time with precision, plain and simple. In yoga, everything is balanced on both sides of the body and throughout all muscle groups. In every sport, your muscle use, concentration and subsequent injuries are limited to specific parts/areas of the body. For example, quarterbacks get constant scapula injuries from all the throwing.

The bottom line from tonight's lecture is "yoga maintains youth." Oh and Gary, Bikram says that ice hockey is the absolute worst sport you can do for your body. Sorry bro...


  1. So skateboarding isn't the worst? Sure feels like it most days!
    Love you, cuz!

  2. I don't know Cuz....we talked about basically every sport under the sun, except skateboarding, but it can't be good. Anything with that much potential impact on the knees and spine is treacherous. Too much room for error, but the point is that Bikram will balance you out in the end, so it's okay if you do both. I will get to that point in tomorrow's blog. Miss you guys!! Sending much love

    1. Guess I pretty much fucking jinxed myself, eh? Now I have a long road ahead, long time before I can get back into the torture chamber :(