Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sometimes I Rhyme Slow Sometimes I Rhyme Quick

The theme of Week #5's posture clinics is SLOW DOWN. That was the best advice I was given so far. Part of the reason is, I am not comfortable with the words yet. Will I ever be? Apparently so, if we keep this up when we get home. Learning the dialogue is a never-ending journey in and of itself. The training wheels we have on now, will come off in 4 weeks and then we'll really see who's left standing. 

I have moments of pure frustration, when I get cocky and think I know a pose so tonight. I completely bombed my Cobra. It was a low moment and I had to ask myself - do you really want to teach? The answer is obviously, yes, but there are turning points in this training that just shake you to the core; that bring everything to the surface, good and bad.  I knew that pose so well. Rehearsed it to the "T" as in Tom (not a broken umbrella!) 

So what's my issue? I have not been learning the "structure" of the poses. In my never-ending quest for perfection, I have been gunning for verbatim dialogue rather than truly understanding the sequence of events in each pose. Knowing what happens when and what body parts are used at a certain time is key because if you miss a word or a line, you can still keep going. I have gone completely "Rain Man" over the dialogue, making tons of links (some extremely useful) that all rely on word/letter/number associations from line to line. But forget one line, and it's over!

So with that new tool in my proverbial tool belt of pose learning skills, I will resume a new form of studying in exactly 24 hours, upon returning from my visit with Lindsey, Jim and baby Stefano in Santa Barbara. It's time for some much needed R & R. Looking forward to the change of scenery...and to not having 2.5 hour classes with Bikram. He sucked us all dry tonight - killer - but I still love him.  

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