Saturday, May 12, 2012

For all the Mothers...

As I watched Gavin deliver Balancing Stick last night, flawlessly and with pride in front of his mother (who happened to be teaching our posture clinic), I got to thinking about Mother's....and the gifts they pass down to us. To give your child yoga is the ultimate treasure, but it's not so black and white. Mother's give us our tools in so many ways, so let's recognize them for their diversity and their devotion:

Loryn Halper - My fearless sister, gave birth to a beautiful little man yesterday. His name is Alexander Francis and I cannot wait to meet him! Loryn - you are recognized for bringing new life into this world. I know you will give your son good Karma forever, because we all receive it from you on a regular basis.

Elizabeth Libner - There are no words. You are a force. Thank you for helping me lay my own groundwork. It is because of what you taught me, that happiness now grows in my own garden.

Julie Libner - My sister who always reminds me how important it is to laugh. She's the most calm mother of 4 amazing young men. Julie always beats to her own drum.

Susan Scupin - My Aunt who has a heart of gold; whose presence reminds me of why my father was so close to her. You always make a beautiful home around you, no matter where in the world you are and how close/far your family is. 

Dahlia Cohen - Idan's mother and martyr of her family. She single-handledly raised three amazing men and holds her family together tight, like glue. She is the toughest mother I know. 

Anita Bandy - Power Attorney, Mommy of 2 and Big Sister to me for life. Anita always had it all figured out...from day #1!! Nothing has changed in that regard. Anita is one of the most intelligent and resourceful mothers in my pack. 

Joan Levitt - One of the classiest mom's I know! I am in awe of her business savvy, strength and love of family. She is the proudest mother of 2 in the whole world, and I understand why. Just when I think Joan has gotten to the top of her game (in life), she one-ups herself with her perpetual grace and home grown values.

I am missing a ton of women on this list, and for that I apologize. Be your own mother today, but don't forget to tell your own how special she is. Thank her for the silent, unspoken gifts she gave you that you can't buy.

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