Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mama, Give Me the Heat!

Our week has been turned upside down and inside out with the surprise holiday party on Monday and the broken heating system in our yoga room. As if that wasn't enough, one yogi decided to take it upon himself to inform the Fire Department that we do not have an exit plan to get out of the room, in case of emergency. Bikram had this student escorted out of the hotel last night, the minute he caught wind of the situation. So this rogue yogi, Harold, endured 7 hard weeks at training, only to now never graduate and probably get hit with a slew of legal bills. I seriously can't think of anything worse. Being given the gift to teach should never be taken for granted. We all need to refocus ourselves on those people and things we hold dear. Be present for the ones who count, but most importantly, be present for yourself.

Bikram said last night, "Literate enemy much better than illiterate friend," in relation to Harold's decision. I thought that pretty much said it all. While Harold was trying to "protect" us all in this instance, he hurt us all. Each and every one of us, but not as badly as he hurt himself. Having said all that, we still have not been made aware of an exit plan and I would sure love to have one now that I think about it.

I've been exposed to so many exciting philosophies on balance, union, yoga, aging, health and everything in between. To write about all of it in this blog would be a full time job, and I left that back in New York. So I want to leave you with some more tools from John Burras that I found helpful and meaningful...


1 - POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Attitude is #1 factor in healthy aging.

2 - ABILITY TO ADAPT TO CHANGE - If you're stuck, you're holding onto something that doesn't belong, which in turn causes resistance and ultimately stress in the body.

3 - ENJOY WHERE YOU ARE - This is essentially what the yoga mat teaches you; to appreciate your defined space. When you can stay somewhere without looking at the clock, you have found peace.

4 - CONTINUE TO DESIRE - Improve, keep adding things to your bucket list. When you stop wanting, you start dying.


6 - RELEASE OLD WOUNDS - Physical or emotional forgiveness. Forgive yourself.

7 - EXPANSIVE MOVEMENT - i.e. Practice yoga; it enables us to go in a different direction with our lives.

8 - BODYWORK - Routine acupuncture and massage.

9 - TAKE BREAKS - enough said

10 - EAT CLOSE TO NATURE - Eat as many organic foods and as little processed foods as possible.

11 - CLEANSE YOUR BODY - You change the filters in your car, so why not your own body? (sweating in hot room, colonic, etc.)

12 - SUPPLEMENTS (as needed)

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