Friday, May 11, 2012

Tonight's Top 10 List

A few more pearls of wisdom from today's encounters:

"Today, I remarried yoga." Rachel Foley

From Lisa's Lecture:

  • When we lie, steal, act greedy, etc. we are living in our ego.
  • The reason you don't put your feet or backside towards the teacher in a Bikram studio is - respect. For the same reason, we don't go to the bathroom (walking out with backs towards the teacher).
  • Yoga is the neutralization of the waves of feeling. The stilling of the waves, of likes and dislikes, makes us feel happy and complete. Different Paths (8-Folds from previous blog) must be understood to still the waves.
  • Agitation is one of the lowest forms of consciousness.
  • Maintain an attitude of physical relaxation.
I'm suppose to be practicing non-attachment, non-reaction and non-judgement. It's way harder than I ever imagined it would be. Especially when you hit the pace of week #4 and realize you've become attached to your yoga family and its respective rituals.

On a separate topic, our anatomy instructor - Dr. P - completely missed his calling...he should be doing stand-up comedy full time, or at least moonlighting. 

Your homework for this weekend (we are constantly being given "homework" during posture clinics) is to identify your own calling and reconnect with the people and things you love the most. Reach your own state of happiness.

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