Monday, May 21, 2012

"After This, Everything Will Seem Easy..."

Four Seasons Beach Club, Santa Barbara
The subject line of this post is what Bikram said as he was teaching Friday night in his "torture chamber." In a lot of ways he is very right. The simple pleasures I take for granted in every day, non-yoga-bubble life, are sorely missed. Doing 2 classes a day is not normal, but the routine of it is also what keeps me going. Once it's gone, it's over; same with the pace of learning the dialogue. Once we stop cramming, will we retain?

This is Type A Yoga at it's finest. The schedule we are tied to leaves us slaves to our own mind clutter. Whoever can sort through that fast enough in 9 weeks wins a teaching certificate. With the license to teach comes a whole new set of challenges; beginning with maintenance of the dialogue. 

I am still struggling to regain my dialogue mojo. But thanks to the help of my "yoga family," and some much needed down time in Santa Barbara (which is absolutely heaven on Earth), I feel ready enough to start my Monday. Slowly, slowly...I highly recommend taking 24 hours of freedom from this scene or whatever environment you are typically in on a weekly basis. New color brings new light.
Solar Eclipse June 20, 2012
Lindsey, Stefano & Me

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