Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Decide to be Perfect or Great

Ok, the blog is officially reopened after this evening's delivery of Triangle Pose - the hardest, longest, most oddly worded pose in the Bikram dialogue. I feel like I just gave birth to a little yogi, and in a lot of ways, I basically did. After acing my Anatomy final and delivering these two monster poses (I did Standing Separate Leg Stretching earlier today) I can honestly say, I have nothing left in me except for the inspiration I learned today from my teachers and fellow yogis.

It's not about delivering the dialogue perfectly verbatim - no one can. It's about being fabulous all over, inside out from the long bones to the tight skin with our smiling, grateful it's almost over, happy faces.  Precision is more important than perfection. The precision is what will make our students trust us and ultimately fall in love with us. 

Nicole from Arizona (awesome) had me give Standing Separate Leg Stretching as a gangster, to get me out of my little "must-be-perfect" box....and I owned it! I encourage everyone to get out of their routine element and try becoming an actor or actress. Become someone new. Become someone great. 

Learn to say the dialogue as easily as you sing Happy Birthday.  Sounds simple and easy, right? But it's hard and I love it! Incorporating the different techniques from those around me (you know who you are) makes this series more like a team sport, since we all feed off of each other's energy to deliver poses accurately and get through the night in one piece. But we also feed off the love, the sharing, the freshly brewed pots of coffee, the belly laughs and ice machine bitching sessions. No water coolers here people, we are in the land of ice and water bottles. I cannot make my water cold enough, and I'm obsessed with fresh squeezed lemons; can't drink the water without them lately. When life gives you lemons, you better make a damn good lemonade in Training and in life!

Stay tuned for Bikram's return tomorrow....and there are rumors of Raj floating around as well.

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