Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Party is Officially Over...

....It's hard core, learn-the-dialogue time! What started as a nice, loose, comfortable, easy flexible morning with a high energy, rockin' class (and I mean literally rocking to Steve Miller, Fly Like an Eagle), ended with our first (unexpected) evening posture clinic.

On the bright side, I love that we're onto the next chapter of our learning here. Let's face it, the Bollywood movies were getting kind of old, Bikram has cursed at us enough and if I hear the first part of half moon one more time, there is no telling what I would (or wouldn't) be capable of doing. Yes, I got a little "batty" over the monotony of the first two weeks, but that said, I also fell in love with the structure of our environment, the non-structure of our (beach) weekends and the yogis who surround me daily.

The other unexpectedly cool thing about week #3 is that Mary Dillon is in the HOUSE! I ran into her today in the lobby while buying my morning coffee. To see one of my most favorite teachers from NYC here, someone who was so influential in my reasoning to do training, is the perfect gift. I hope to grab dinner with her one night this week before she leaves. More importantly, I hope Boss Man lets her teach. She is truly a unique individual who shined apart from the other teachers during introductions this morning. Mary - thank you for being a force to reckon with! I live for you!

And lastly, yours truly delivered the 2nd and 3rd parts of Half Moon tonight in posture clinic. And while I still have a long way to go, in terms of perfecting my delivery, I was not nearly as hard on myself tonight as I was two weeks ago in front of Bikram. I still get the heart-racing feeling in my stomach before I go up on stage, but it wasn't nearly as intimidating to perform it in front of 40 people, including a visiting teacher from Ann Arbor (GO BLUE!), Michon (Bikram's TT assistant who I am learning the most from) and a fabulously eclectic mix of fellow yogis. Really good energy tonight guys!! Except for one woman who pulled a Jerry McGuire and totally "FLIPPED OUT." It's all good sister. I plan to offer her my help when I see her in the morning. After all, it's not about me, it's about her and all of us as a group nailing this, right?

I am grateful to have found my calm; to know the first four poses well enough to feel confident on stage right out of the gate. The delivery will come, it always does. Seize the day and seize your study buddies!! I am my own best study buddy for now. 

Thank you for being my faithful audience tonight. I love and miss you all.

ps - I will now begin waking up at 6am PST, to get some early morning dialogue studying in, so feel free to interrupt me after 9am EST. 

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