Monday, May 28, 2012

On Memorial Day, An Analogy of War

Is Health and Fitness one and the same? In today's society, there is very little health actually found in "health clubs" because these two words are mean entirely different things. Just to make this point as clear as possible, people who work out less sometimes live longer.

Let me go back in time to explain this phenomenon deeper...Hundreds of years ago, man made a shift from hunter of the household, to warrior of the household. When men began "hunting" other men, that's when war was created. This shift from hunter to warrior required body building and physical training. Back in the day, you'd work out for your "war body" or to excel in "sport killing."

Today, the symbolism in most of the sports we partake in is evolved from war. For example, "the war room," is where players get drafted. If a pitcher has a really good arm, we say he has a "gun." If a quarterback throws a "bomb," we say he's got a "cannon." The language of war is the same as sport these days and the examples go on and on if you think about them. As a culture, we are still trying to use our bodies to conquer. Violence is on the rise. Graphically violent movies flood the minds and eyes of today's youth and adults. It's everywhere, if you pay attention you can't miss it.

There are two concepts of fitness that most of us adhere to: 1) Harden the body. 2) Aerobically condition the heart. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the inventor of the Aerobics concept (and book) in 1968, took the world in one direction with his views on preventative medicine and how to lead a healthy life through fitness and regular aerobic workouts. Today, at age 81, he says he was wrong. You can read more about the latest findings in this article:

So essentially, our economy is based on a lie. Imagine the economic impact if you took away gyms, Nike apparel and everything that is connected to playing sports and attending sporting events in our world? We are too far gone my friends. We've turned our hearts into weapons of war. Fit, healthy people are having more and more unexplainable heart attacks and heart conditions out of no where.

The lesson today is you don't have to train your heart to be healthy. The "Fitness" concept has only been around for 50 years. Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Everything "Health" related in the media, print, etc. is based on "hardening the body." I'm not here to take that chiseled look away from you. Vanity still reigns strongest over all else, especially in California. So meet me half way and do yoga to balance out all the damage you do to yourself in "Fitness and in Health."

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