Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boss is Back

There's nothing like a two-hour class with Bikram, after 2 weeks without him, to remind us of "how bad our postures suck," but how much our bodies have improved. It was extreme torture. But I did it. Bikram corrected me for the 2nd time during Training on my Triangle Pose. Tonight he called me out in the room of 500 to do the pose all by myself. I stayed calm. He was forgiving. My pose needs a lot of work, but it was empowering for him to see me working my ass off.

The other highlight of the day was my successful delivery of Tree Pose. I have to give credit where credit is due here....I have the BEST posture clinic group ever: 
There's Gerry, the 61-year old retired truck driver from Tennessee. 
Melissa, the bomb-shell blonde from Canada who gives me the confidence to own my words. 
Dayna from Australia who's always filled with positiveness and good energy. 
Gavin from LA, who's only 23 but is in total command of himself as a person (and he has a rocking bod according to our Teacher tonight). 
Heatherly, my girl from Long Island, who knows the dialogue verbatim. She knew it cold before she got to LA and so gives all of her free time to help the rest of us learn it from scratch. She is a truly inspiring woman. 
Sharon, my Israeli sister who I will most likely open a yoga studio in Haifa with some day. 
Jesse, the NBA player who stands tall at 6'6" and is on the path to finding his voice and hopefully offering private Bikram classes to NBA players like Amare Stoudemire, who clearly has some issues to sort through on the yoga mat. 
Angela, who spent the first two weeks of posture clinic delivering the poses from outside of the room, has finally found her voice. 
Christine, who is evolving as a teacher with so much heart, in front of our eyes. 
Kevin Lee from Hong Kong / British Columbia currently, who is responsible for organizing this group photo:
Group 11 bottom row left to right: Melissa M, Ruth, Carla, Heatherly, Dayna, Robert Luce, Xavier, Me.
top row left to right: Gavin Lucas, Christine Lewis, Angela, Sharon, Faith, Aafke, Katie, Anthony, Tim, Gerry (gray hair), Kevin Lee, Jesse

Robert Luce is a trial attorney and delivers every posture like he's telling a bed time story. 
Ruth is from Nevada and she always takes care of those around her (thank you for the snacks!!)
Afca is from Holland and has the most amazing smile, but she wasn't able to hold the smile and say the dialogue simultaneously until tonight! 
Tim from the UK - you're perfect. 
Carla from Mexico City is pure sunshine with an unbelievable practice and voice. 
Xavier is the guy who finally got the monkey off his back. 
Anthony was completely arrogant and condescending when I first met him. Someway, somehow and with the help of Heatherly, his dialogue is dramatically improving and his entire aura is evolved. I now enjoy his company.
Faith from NYC is showing us her inner Chelsea Handler.

I am missing a few names from the photo, but it's only because I don't know them well enough yet to have an option on how to describe them, but I will know everyone by the end of Training, for sure. I spend day-in and day-out with this team of warriors. So, a toast to my Group 11 Peeps who have reminded me why there is no "I" in Team.

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  1. Awesome! Melissa! I think we are all starting to feel the bonding within each of our group. It's amazing to see those who have been struggling improving day by day. Love the Supports~! Go NY Gangster! LOL