Monday, May 7, 2012

The Seventh Day, Rest

I'm starting to understand why God took the Seventh Day off. When you're non-stop during the week, which includes Saturday in our little yoga world, Sunday, has to be about self and reflection. Today was that kind of day for me. But before there was me, myself and I, there was Rachael Foley and I working out by the pool this morning. Rachael is my neighbor and one of the most incredible women I've met thus far in Bikramville. On top of being a mother of three, having multiple successful businesses and a healthy marriage, she's an amazing personal trainer. I enjoyed our "non-yoga" interval session so much. Sorry Sean, I am officially cheating on you with a hot Floridian!

The rest of my Sunday consisted of:
Moon over Santa Monica, May 5th 2012

  • A much needed manicure (i.e. Appendicular Maintenance). 
  • Starbucks and I sharing a long Anatomy study session.
  • Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue every chance I get. My favorite part about learning it, is going at my own pace and not feeling attached to anyone else's progress or lack thereof. I am available to help anyone in need but will not judge my practice based on anything other than my own stamina and desire to nail it!
  • Nap and a movie. For the first time in 3 weeks, I didn't feel the need to be out of my hotel room for every second possible. I've logged my beach, pool and restaurant hours for the week. Had the car serviced and a fun night out in Santa Monica to celebrate 2 very important things: Cinqo de Mayo and the SuperMoon of 2012

Cali Nights
Triangle @ Santa Monica Pier (my poor form is excused because of long dress costume)

Maybe it was the building energy leading up to the full moon, that carried us all through another successful week? We are truly a "band of brothers (and sisters) out here. It's amazing to think we're already through a third of Training. The time flies for me here like it never has before. It will be hard to leave these sunsets I've grown so accustomed to, but I've got six more weeks to revel in it. Appreciate the space you are in this week. Every home has its gifts and its challenges. If you take one day off every week to deal with the challenges, they will become less apparent over time.

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