Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anatomy 101

Week 3 marked the start of daily, 3.5 hour anatomy lessons, taught by Dr. Jim Peddy. He's an emergency physician at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas and thinks he's God's gift to this planet. I enjoyed his delivery and candidness yesterday, but today I am sad to report that today he stole my peace, temporarily of course. 

As you know, I have a degenerative condition in my cervical spine and it's a minor miracle that I'm even at teacher training in the first place. The good news is, my condition is improving DRAMATICALLY, even without Genius Veronica's weekly acupuncture sessions. This is the power of Bikram Yoga!

After seeing Dr. Peddy (who should really be called "Dr. Petty") give adjustments to students last night, I became intrigued as he seems to have a keen understanding of the spine and how to maneuver just about everyone. I waited 10 minutes to speak to him one-on-one during our break today. He went on and on with this other student about her condition. When it came my turn, he was short with me because he needed to use the restroom, so I walked along side of him in that direction. I briefly explained my condition and politely asked if he would try adjusting me tonight. After all, pain is pain and relief is relief. You learn to take what you can get here at training, especially when it's free and on sight at the hotel. 

To my request, he sternly and sarcastically replied, "Not with your condition!" And with that, he left me standing there without explanation. All I could think was "wow, this guy needs to take a dump and bad!" That was the anger in my head talking. My insecurity over my injury reared its ugly head. He ruined the rest of the lecture for me. I can no longer tolerate the sound of his voice. How dare he be so knowledgeable yet so dismissive? Aren't doctors suppose to have bedside manners?

In truth, no one should be adjusting me. I know this deep down. My condition is too severe and I understand why he would not want the liability on his hands. However, irrespective of his extensive knowledge of the spine, vertebrae, muscles, bones and everything else we've discussed so far, he doesn't have a clue about soul - that intangible, undefinable pearl in all of us. Sadly, a lot of Western doctors operate like this, out of fear of being sued and the cost of malpractice. I don't blame you Dr. Petty, nor will I let your negative energy bring me down. I am strong and I am surviving this with or without your help. All I need is me! And Ish, to go for spontaneous frozen yogurt runs, which somehow make everything seem so much better.

Bikram Yoga is helping me to understand the physical anatomy of a human and how f'ed up we all are on the inside, how we destroy our bodies on a daily basis, etc. But it also is helping me connect with my body and mind on a whole new level. My Group (#11) completed Half Moon tonight in posture clinic and we refused to leave anyone behind. Even though the last two stragglers did not know the dialogue, we wouldn't quit until they finished. We are incomplete without each other. If one falls, we all fall. If one succeeds, we are all heroes. That my friends is the true anatomy of a Yogi.


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