Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's All in the Delivery

Today was by far my most exciting and successful day thus far at training. Morning class was uneventful, which is always a good thing. The only annoying thing about class these days is the room temperature is cold. I was warned by my fellow heat-seakers back home that this would be the case and unfortunately, they were spot on. So as the weeks roll on, my pants get longer and the layers come on, until I get yelled at of course. 

Bikram has left the country for the next two weeks, and while under normal circumstances, when the cat's away the mice will play...that is certainly not the case here. Posture clinic is well underway and has taken over everyone's mood and behavior differently. The stress of having to know each posture inside out, from the bones to the skin makes the delivery of each pose stressful, to say the least. I am choosing not to get consumed in the stress of it all. I jump in my car at least once a day for some sanity and to get out of the "yoga bubble," even if it's just to go to Whole Foods for a green juice. 

Speaking of Whole Foods, does anyone notice that it's absolutely impossible to walk out of there without spending at least $100? I had two bags of groceries and 2.5 gallons of water tonight and it rang up to $140, but it's still cheaper than my Saks runs, so net-net it's all good. Apologies for the digression, but I just had to vet that one out...

I opted to miss the optional Bollywood movie with Bikram last night, so I could focus on my dialogue studying and to harass Judes, Bikram's personal assistant, some more. I have been trying to arrange for a one-one-on meeting with Bikram to discuss a very exciting idea I have for his franchise. After all, if I could help SLG take its brand to the next level, why not offer up some assistance to my Guru? He's done a lot for me and it's all about paying it forward here. It is my dream to differentiate myself from my band of brother and sister trainees and that's all I will tell you about my plan for now....except that today, I was informed that Bikram has accepted the meeting with me upon his return later in the month.

How did I manage that you ask? After a few days of tip-toing around the purpose of my meeting with Bikram, I got straight to the point last night (over email). Being direct and spelling things out, even if it may sound cocky and annoying at times, definitely has its advantages. It's like I always say, "don't ask, don't get" and the proof is in my pudding today people. I was proud, yet humble, which is sometimes hard to do over over email. My delivery was straight and to the point - 100% body weight on my heals!

This is me walking to my posture clinic, just after found
out I got the meeting with Boss! No fear!!! And lots of
coffee....and yes, those are yoga mats hanging all around.
Lastly, as if today couldn't get any better, I delivered my best post yet - Awkward Pose, Uktasana. While I received more critiques for this posture than the previous ones, that's just the way it goes around here. Expect the unexpected, live in the present moment only, do what your told and deliver the crap out of these postures today, so our students will love us tomorrow. Most importantly, our students will be able to learn to love themselves through us. 

I watched two grown women cry today because of their delivery, or lack thereof. And while I was sad for them, in the end I was happy they got their asses handed to them. If not here, then where? If not now, then when? Seize the day my friends and don't forget to make good on the delivery of your promises to yourselves above all else.

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