Saturday, May 26, 2012

Burn After Reading...

The information I've been given over the past two days has brought the entire Teacher Training "process" together for me, and I still have another 3 weeks left. Today, the lights went on.

What I'm about to share with you may shock you, piss you off, make you sad or some other emotional reaction to that effect. This is not always well received information. In the Bikram hemisphere, however, it makes all the sense in the world.

#1 Tightening your stomach protects your lower back.
#2 If you have no pain, that means you're healed.
#3 Surgery is the only option.
#4 Spinal manipulation alone will help a back problem.
#5 Back pain is associated with the muscles in your back.
#6 Fitness will heal back pain.
#7 Back braces cure back pain.
#8 Scoliosis is hereditary.

All of the above are wrong. John Burras went out of his way to demonstrate why with very compelling examples for each myth. The bottom line is that there is a new model that is going to rock the health care and fitness industries to its core. This powerful shift in thinking is brewing slowly and steadily on the sidelines. But anyone who follows the economies of explosion behind the emergence of the $27 Billion dollar industry in this country - yoga - knows that this shift will be more than a fad. Think along the lines of Facebook's valuation x 10 (that's my personal opinion). 

The problem in this country is that there is no importance placed on Fascia (described in my last blog) in Western medical culture. There is so much more to understand, when it comes to the body, than the story we were told, the hand we were dealt in Kindergarden. The scientific explanation of what is healthy is no longer, the ONLY explanation.

I don't want to throw too much at you, because this is heavy stuff. Today I learned that everything I think I thought I knew about health and fitness just went out the window. Different ball game, wow!

I need to break this info up into the weekend, so bare with me. My fuel tank is on empty and I need sleep, so we'll see y'all tomorrow! I now talk like Gerry, the "father" of my Group (#11). He's a retired truck driver, father of 3 girls and a husband of 40 years from Tennessee who takes care of us as if we were his kids. Gerry is not on Facebook, nor is he tech saavy, so hopefully someone from the Group can tell him "he's amazing" for me?

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